Insecure Planet


        We live on an Insecure Planet, the more technologically advanced we become the more vulnerable we are.  Our advanced networking technology manages and controls all Power grids, Trains, Subways, Nuclear Plants, Air Traffic Controls, Dams, Levees, Water, Gas, Oil, and Petroleum just to name a few areas.  Recently more personal infrastructure things like cars, homes, HVAC systems, medical devices, security systems, voice-activated personal assistants,  and mobile technology have been able to be targeted.

We are gearing up more and more safeguards to circumvent any type of hacking attack on our critical infrastructure.  Corporations and Governments are spending billions protecting their critical networks performing vulnerability assessments, and fielding safeguards like firewalls, IPS/IDS, encryption, backup systems, disaster recovery, and business continuity.  Physical security is being tightened through electric fences, armed security, cameras, mantraps, surveillance systems, biometrics, and the use of tempest technology.  Government voting systems have become more reliant on computing systems and software which could be hacked through various methodologies as has already been reported occurring in other countries.

Also, we face a serious Terrorist threat from multiple non-state players; Al Qaeda, ISIS, and various radical terrorist organizations have spread their radical ideology taking advantage of the most vulnerable or politically motivated people.  In the late ’80s, the term 4th generation warfare was brought to light, discussed, taught, and practices put into military play.   Today we have evolved to 5th generation warfare.  Fifth-generation warfare is warfare that is conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action, such as social engineering, misinformation, and cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems.

This site is dedicated to bringing the reader valuable insight into the World Security threats out there, primarily from hackers and non-state entities.

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We Live on an Insecure Planet